Orthodontic treatment – fixed and mobile appliances

Orthodontic treatment involves correction of teeth and jaw alignment using removable or fixed orthodontic appliances. In addition to aesthetic results, correction of orthodontic anomalies provides for optimal chewing function and favorable conditions for oral hygiene maintenance which consequently reduce the possibility for dental caries formation and parodontopathy. With the use of mobile and fixed appliances, there are visible aesthetic results, some of which are aligned position of teeth and dental array, harmonious facial appearance and a beautiful smile. Orthodontic treatment can be applied with patients with fixed dentures, prior to its setting. This theatment is done primarily with the aim of alligning the teeth in an optimal position so to improve stability and ability of accepting additional loads once fixed appliances are positioned.

When applying the orthodontic treatment, the first visit to the dentist includes consultations with a doctor, a detailed clinical examination of the teeth and oral cavity and the preparation of anatomic impression of upper and lower jaw teeth. Based on the impressionsstudy models are developed, according to which the dentist, after the analysis of the models and dental radiography (x-rays) images, suggests particular orthodontic treatment. Most commonly this type of treatment takes between 1 – 3 years to complete, with regular monthly checkups of the condition and progress in a dental office.