Following the family tradition of more than 30 years Dr. Maja Mikalački and her brother Dr. Marko Mikalacki, founded the dental surgery 
Belladent Estetic in 2011. Today Belladent Estetic provides a professional service for the full protection of oral health using latest technology and dental materials.

High qualified dental treatment are in the family Mikalacki shared from one generation to the next. After 10 years of work in the State Health Depatment Dr. Zoran Mikalacki founded in 1990 his private dental office.He shared his knowledge and experience to his children Maja and Marko Mikalacki and developed their interests in dentistry.They wanted to continue family tradition and after graduating Dental School they continued to develop their skills after signing Institute of Dentistry-University in Belgrade.After their father’s; death Maja and Marko continued their professional way that is dedicated to dentistry and founded their private dental office Belladent Estetic.

Today, Belladent Estetic represents the team of experts who are committed to each patient and solve dental and oral cavity problems. We provide high quality service for our patients by using the latest dental materials, modern therapeutic and diagnostic technology. Our team is highly skilled. Top-level treatment, expertise, dedication, kind and intimate approach of our staff will make smile on your face.




Maja Mikalački

Maja Mikalacki was born in Belgrade where she graduated from the Faculty of Dental
Medicine, after finishing Faculty of Dental Medicine University of Belgrade. She had
practice at the Health Center Zvezdara in Belgrade after she had passed the State Licence Exam. Shortly afterwards Maja founded dental office BelladentEstetic in 2011.She manages it very successfully.

Maja Mikalacki continued her professional education in the field of dentistry in Crime
Academy in Belgrade at Forensic Department. She defended her thesis "Identification
Methods in Dental Forensics" and graduated as the Criminal Investigative Specialist. She
is the author of the scientific paper "Automatic systems for person’s identification
through teeth – Dental biometrics". During her career she gained professional training in
anti-aging dentistry, dental prosthetics and endodontic.

Dr Maja Mikalacki is resident on surgical department on Faculty of Dental Medicine
University of Kragujevac



Marko Mikalački

Marko was born in Belgrade. After completing Dental School he graduated from the
Faculty of Dental Medicine University of Belgrade. He completed his practice residency
in Belgrade, at the Health Center within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Shortly after he
passed the State Licence Exam. Doctor Marko Mikalacki has been the team member of
Belladent Estetic since 2012.

He continues his professional development and work at the Hey Dental Clinic in Dubai
where he has worked since 2015 and participated in education of endodontics,
orthodontics with the emphasis on aligners as well as the use of lasers in dentistry. In
BelladentEstetic's he shares and practically applies his knowledge and experience in the
application of the latest generation technology and dental materials.
Dr Marko Mikalacki is orthodontist resident on Faculty of Dental Medicine University of


Medical Nurse

Milica Mitrović

Born in 1998, Belgrade. She graduated from the Central Teeth Technical School in Belgrade. From 2019 she works at Belladent Estetic as a medical nurse.


Office Manager

Milica Stanojev

Born in 1991, Belgrade. Gymnasium Mihajlo Pupin finished in Kovacica. By the end of 2018, she joined to the Belladent Estetic team
as a Office Manager.