Medical tourism

Belladent Estetic is at your service and our aim is dental tourism! If you plan to come to Serbia, Belgrade is one of the most interesting destinations of medical tourism. We invite you to call us and to schedule treatments and procedures. Dental tourism is in all views on the first place in the world and Belladent Estetic is very experienced in it. We are dentistry that has employed many experts that do all kind of tooth procedures.We follow the worlds trending and use the best materials.


Do You plan to visit Belgrade, have fun and save your money? If your answer is YES you can send your information to our e-mail  and also your OTP record of both jaws with description of your wishes, needs or problems. You can also call us on following numbers: +381652100200 and +381113348584. We will contact you as soon as possible and suggest tooth or aesthetic procedure, period of time how long it lasts and price. Our team of experts will make sure that you get the best treatment very quickly and that the prices will be very favorable.

Why Belgrade?

Low prices, high quality and interesting surrounding make Belgrade a destination where more and more medical tourists are interested to come. When we consider the costs of treatment/healing, trip, lodging and recovery, it is cheaper than in west counties and also Canada or in the USA. Replace waiting lists with fast service. Combine what is nice and useful. Save your money travelling.


If You need someone to organize your transportation and accommodation in Belgrade during treatment/healing, Belladent Estetic can do it for you and can make your stay more pleasant.

Belgrade Center Apartments

+381 62 339 933
+381 63 338 790